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Song: In The Midst Of All The Fuss

A Hundred Thousand Pennies

Album: A Hundred Thousand Pennies
Track: #4

Listen! In The Midst Of All The Fuss Acoustic Demo
Recorded: October 2016
Length: 3:38
Instrumentation: Acoustic baritone guitar, vocals

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You're fighting your demons
Calling me home
And all I ever do is leave you
Cause I'm wrestling my own

Day in day out
Weeks and months and years go by
A million things go right perpendicularly

I'd never say I'm over it
I guess I just wish someone would
Want to know what I feel
And why I'd like it different 

At all
I hop up on the bus
Ride it all around
As I calm down

In this whole universe
The only truth I found
Is you're gonna get let down

Here's my stop
Let me hop on down

Together alone
We're wrestling my home
I'm going this way, you're going that

I can feel that one day you'll be gone
I wonder if you're not already
Time keeps marching on
And it's sickening me

Please don't take this like I'm giving up on you
I'm trying to catch a moment where I've thought the whole thing through
Seasons are churning like they were never here at all
Summer's here and I'm still trying to understand

The fall
Swirling all around
The air is racing now
Like the trees have shed their gown

In the midst of all the fuss
Another moment's born and I can only hope I'm proud

Every time I stop
I get a little more unwound

And it can build me up
Swirling all around
My heart is racing now
Like a king who shed his crowns

In the midst of all the fuss
I can egregious-ly finally see I'm proud

Here's my stop
Let me hop on down

Originally: "Temporary Esther (In The Midst Of All The Fuss)"