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Song: My Last Song

A Hundred Thousand Pennies

Album: A Hundred Thousand Pennies
Track: #12

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Recorded: February 28, 2017
Length: 2:34
Instrumentation: Acoustic baritone guitar, vocals

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If this were the last song I ever wrote
Of course I'd wonder why
I'd have to think I died
For these to be my last composed notes

But if somehow I decided to stop
I know I'd want a finale
One final crying rally
To make sure I summed everything up

It'd surely be a letter to any future mes
Advice I'd probably ignore
Perspectives I'd abhor
Antique thoughts I'd prefer not to unfreeze

I already do that for my older songs
Thought I was delightful
Songs uncannily insightful
And I would never admit I was wrong

But I'd never try to convince myself
More remind him who I became
Or was in his today
As I linger in his mind's bookshelf

My ten year self I'd ask
Did you make it out of debt?
Is a song on the radio yet?
Are you still wearing that mask?

My twenty year self I'd query
Have you travelled everywhere?
Acted out on that despair?
Have you resolved your lingering theories?

My fourty year self I'd admire
He's outlived a second me
Hoping death isn't beckoning
And still couldn't ever retire

I'd delicately define my position
Unlike this fleeting thought
This unfiltered me I fought
Writing this poorly executed rendition

If it were my last song, it'd be epic
But it isn't