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Song: Smells Like Rain

A Hundred Thousand Pennies

Album: A Hundred Thousand Pennies
Track: #2

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Recorded: February 17, 2017
Length: 2:38
Instrumentation: Acoustic baritone guitar, vocals

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Although I look up at the sky and see nothing but blue
There's the faintest feel of something that is causing me to
Feel uneasy, disturbed
Something making me concerned

There's just something ironic about a beautiful day
Like someone behind the curtains trying to take it all away
Somewhat perturbed
I'm starting to observe

The faintest hint that something's going awry
Like it could be something I'd be frightened by
Something in the air
It smells like rain

Clouds keep rolling in a charcoal sky
An atmospheric window to the depths of my mind
No longer unnerved
Because I'm no longer unsure

Now I'm begging bring it on, I accept the flood
Let the vampiric Earth go on drinking that blood
Finally returned
Existence inferred

The subtle hint that nothing was awry
This could never be something that I'd be frightened by
Life in the air
It smells like rain

Take a deep breath of air on this beautiful day
It smells like rain

It smells like rain