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Song: Anyway

FAWM 2018

Album: FAWM 2018
Track: #7

Lap 1 done (four weeks, four laps, you get the idea). Kind of a new song structure for me. This'll be the third no chorus song, but those are usually pretty easy. This one's fairly easy to follow I think, but the gist is it's not just your world for the taking -- it's wholly parameterized.

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If there's something you want
All you're supposed to do is ask
But it seems around here
They don't like questions

I'm forced to damper my whims
What exactly makes me a person?
Everything that I want
Seems to only yield aversion

Luckily every now and then
Someone else asks me first
And amenable as I am
I almost always say yes

Is there any other point of living?
I never want to die
If I haven't done it all

I've got to break free from this internalized bliss
I'm too far from reality to get anything from this
It's all me vicariously taking the world's piss
And it's boring as hell
Something's amiss

I don't care if I die I'm going to put it all out
There and kick and scream or maybe scream and shout
I need to give into the dangers of being what I'm all about
And if you end up hating me, you could've never been devout