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Song: Getting To The Point

FAWM 2018

Album: FAWM 2018
Track: #15

This is just a fun one. I think it actually has some pretty good nuggets in it though, and somehow I really like it.

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Walkin in the park
Having a little fun
Thinking about the happiness that can't be won

Starting to cry
Never ending questions
Battling off the flurry of unsolicited suggestions

People don't know
The first thing about me
They just feel compelled to say something and say it loudly

Walking in the park

Singing in the rain
Like everybody else
Everybody kicks together holding the buckles of our belts

Start to feel weird
This isn't me
But for some strange reason it's apparently "we"

Did I wake up
Didn't know I was asleep
I've got serious concerns about the company I keep

Singing in the rain

Dancing to hum
Of the honeybees
Usually all of this pollen would've been making me sneeze

But it's a beautiful day
Kinda sunny kinda hot
I spend a lot of time thinking about the things that it's not

Like miserable
Like most of my life
It's why I've spent the day trying never to try

Dancing to the hum

Getting to the point
Not my forte
Obviously I'm having trouble trying to portray

A keen takeaway
Then again you didn't ask
For me to bombard you with unsolicited facts

Just don't tell me to stop
I'll never be done
I'm talking about the happiness that can't be won

Getting to the point