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Song: Irresponsibility

FAWM 2018

Album: FAWM 2018
Track: #3

Third FAWM song 2018. They're not getting better in, so strap in folks. It's going to be a long February. :)

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When I lament there is an obstacle in front of me
I don't mean I'm gonna stop and cry catastrophe
Sometimes I must admit something explicitly
To dig deep enough to get through it with dignity

And when I find myself soliciting philanthropy
I usually question my convictions of validity
That's the linchpin -- my cantankerous psychology
If I can't do it myself it means they're better than me

And no one could convince me I'm incapable
I know whatever is inside me is unshakable
At least I know it's not permanently assailable
But outside looking in it's unavailable

I can't connect innately nor emotionally
At least not through the techniques that should have been born into me
And while I rarely seem to fail with diplomacy
It seems in memory it's hyperceremoniously

So maybe it's not pride, it's just timidity
And that's the only obstacle in front of me
And perhaps a tiny modicum of stupidity
Or heh heh ... irresponsibility