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Song: The Loneliest Road

FAWM 2018

Album: FAWM 2018
Track: #10

I continue to surprise myself. Not that this is the most amazing recording or anything, but I like that I can sit down and things come out I don't expect. I think the lyrical content of this one isn't all that deep (although really are any of them?), but man I really groove when I play this. The recording doesn't quite capture as good as it feels in my head. :)

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Oh you never know
What your mind will create
When you're faced with all the pain and all the suffering

You might enter a darker place
And embrace
The waste of all the discipline you've ever known

Remember where you go
So you know how
The rest of this world is gonna remember you

And then enjoy the show
Let it flow
So at least you made a difference

And then we roll
Down the loneliest road

We gonna roll
Down the loneliest road