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Song: Thinking Of You

FAWM 2018

Album: FAWM 2018
Track: #23

The process of songwriting, which has been the same for me for many, many years of doing it, I find is still bewildering to me. This is one of the purest, most weighted outpouring of emotion I've _ever_ had in a song, and yet, as far as I can tell, it's not actually directed to any particular person nor is it coming from any real longing. I realize that may kind of ruin the song, but let's be honest, probably only 3 people will ever read this (including me), so that's my admission of just decompressing by typing this, and also, balls. Back to seriousness, I do really like this song, and, although my vocals can't properly give it justice, it's a surprising fruit off the Jeremy tree that I can't really explain.

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I don't mean to interfere
This is probably weird
Ignore my tears
But you're just not near

I miss your cheer
It's so dreary

I revered you
No fear
I'm so cavalier

The sky is clear
You disappeared
It's been so many years
I wish you were here