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Song: This Fire

FAWM 2018

Album: FAWM 2018
Track: #18

This one's pretty depressing but also may be some of the best music I've written (which makes me suspect it's a subconscious regurgitation of someone else's song, but I don't know what yet). I know it has a kind of suicide tilt to it, and it's about that, but I was trying to capture more of the feeling of simply not being able to be who you want to be (the fire that the world won't let you burn). Maybe I shouldn't have explained it that much, but who am I to know? :) Please forgive the couple of flubs and such ... too many takes, and I start getting irritated. I was able to practice the main "riff"/chord thingy while writing the song, but it's hardly second nature, so one good-enough take is good enough for me.

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He wrote a note that said "I'm over it"
Then he just crumpled it
Out the door he went hopefully
Gonna pummel this life until it

Takes me a little higher
I'm older now
And I can't afford to wait
To put out this fire
That the world won't let me burn

They found him with a gun just as he loaded it
His life was streaming down his face
Incompatible dreams had eroded it
He couldn't agree it was his place

Take me a little higher
I'm lonely now
It was the last chance I could take
To put out the fire
That the world wouldn't let me burn

Put out this fire