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Song: Tiny Apple

FAWM 2018

Album: FAWM 2018
Track: #19

I've been digging into the deeper recesses of my emotions the past couple of days, and it can make songwriting hard, so today I just picked the first non-serious thing that popped into my head and started writing a poem. Like what tends to happen, it still ended up getting a bit serious, but it was nice to just wax poetic until a moral came rather than try to frame some attempt at perfection around it. :) Hopefully the music (which hadn't been written at the time of this writing) is equally flowing.

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What a tiny little apple
Is that what I'm supposed to eat?
Does it know how far I have traveled
And am in need of a major feast?

Maybe if I were a mouse
This'd seem like a solid meal
But I weigh much more than an ounce
And this apple's no match for the hunger I feel

If I would wait a few years
I'd feast on many tiny apples
This apple could grow into a tree
But I'd've died from all of that hassle

Oh meals can be so frustrating
Do I nibble or wait for the plenty
Though I guess for the food it's deflating
Whether it's one tiny apple or twenty

But where's my tiny apple?
It was only just at my big feet
Oh stolen by a greedy little grackle!
How dare he dive in then retreat

This man needs something to live
My tummy goes snap, pop, and crackle
And oh what I wouldn't give
For even one tiny little apple