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Song: Too Many Bars Blues

FAWM 2018

Album: FAWM 2018
Track: #20

So I was having difficulty coming up with anything today, and given my affinity for 5-beat timing I decided it'd be a fun experiment to do a 5-beat blues, so the name of the song is sort of a play on the fact that there are too many beats to begin with. lol I think it turned out pretty well. The style has potential, and this one's not a bad first effort, although it has a strong feel of "House of the Rising Sun." I definitely could/should/would do a lot more with the leads and the arrangements, but I didn't have time for that today.

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Well I walked out my house
Headed to the bar
Going to have one or two or six

When I got thereabout
I put a tip in the jar
And ordered a gin with a twist

After an hour or so
The bar closed up shop
But I still had money to spend

So I hopped down the road
To the famed Pickle Pop
And ordered a whiskey blend

When I started to get loud
The barkeep kicked me out
But I have an unquenchable thirst

So I headed across down
Where they let people shout
And ordered tequila, my first

It wasn't long til my second
Then third and then fourth
I was starting to feel the burn

And the dance floor it beckoned
For me to come forth
So I chugged another one

Next thing I woke up
I was in Iowa
In a run down motel near Dubuque

A strange lady spoke up
Sayin I owe her
Or she was going to shoot

So if you ask if I paid
I'll give you a clue
How else could I sing you this song?

And I'm saying be straight
With the partying you do
Or you're gonna be singing along