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Song: Wisdom

FAWM 2018

Album: FAWM 2018
Track: #24

I think it's no secret it's about how frustrating it is to watch other people do the things wrong you have done and coming to realize that life is more fun when you just live it. Sooooo now that I gave all that mystery away, there's not much left up to the imagination! I really like this music though, and I think it could be a pretty powerful hard rock or even metal song. (or any other genre cause I'm inclusive like that)

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Come here child
Life's an ocean you are a sailor
You got a hole in the hull

You can decide
To fix it now or fix it later
But it's inescapable

Don't roll your eyes
There are many flavors of failure
And I've tasted them all

You reject it as a lie
Like some snake oil I'm trying to sell you
It's regrettable

But I know the tide wouldn't listen
Until it watched the moon fall out of the sky
I guess I'm trying to undo my own decisions
And I can't force you to understand why

Come here child
I've got something I need to tell you
I'm here for you if you fall