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Album: FAWM 2019

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FAWM 2019

Album Title: FAWM 2019
Completed: February 28, 2019

An emerging trend for me is to not turn my songs into "albums" (or seemingly interesting productions for that matter), so here is just the raw collection of songs I wrote for FAWM 2019.

Once again I used the one-song-per-day strategy, and while there's some good material here, I never felt good about any of the songwriting or songs, so going forward I'll be working on what the pieces are that I need to invoke to continue to feel inspired and in control of my creativity.

Track List:

  1. The Feeling
  2. Up High
  3. Pivoting
  4. We Would Be
  5. Visions Of Life Without Me
  6. Promise Not To Look
  7. The Unwitting Foil
  8. What I Get For Thinking
  9. How To Be
  10. Each Day
  11. A While Ago
  12. Just Like That
  13. Every Time I Go To Sleep
  14. Play Something Father
  15. Obvious To You
  16. Dour
  17. Sucker Punches
  18. Be Someone
  19. MetaFord Pinto
  20. The Time Upon The Clock
  21. Knowing What Could Be
  22. The Boats Of Argorn
  23. Imminent Requiem
  24. From Up On High
  25. Gravitas
  26. The Ghost Of None
  27. A Little Hopeful
  28. The Life Belief Belies