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Song: Dour

FAWM 2019

Album: FAWM 2019
Track: #16

I will be the first to admit this is really weird for me -- most notably in that it's pretty much impossible to suit it to my voice. I did try, though. It is a rare song for me being that it's in the metal spectrum and could easily be screamo (which I can't do). I listen to a lot of metal, but I rarely write it.

Anyway, you can't really control what comes out when you hit that songwriting zone, and, while this song never felt comfortable for me from the start of it, it wanted to be written. That might sound ridiculous, but songwriters know that's how it works.

I hope some of you like it, but I'm interested in your thoughts/criticisms regardless. Thanks in advance!

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There's a story of
A warrior
For dysphoria

Enough to worry us

He can toy with us
In the war he was

And his name is simply "I Don't Care"