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Song: Each Day

FAWM 2019

Album: FAWM 2019
Track: #10

Today it felt nice to get a song out that is just a song. There's no deep _personal_ story behind it I'm trying to disguise, so it makes it easier to just use whatever words keep the story flowing. I came up with the main musical classical sounding progression earlier this FAWM, and today it manifested in a mining song.

I know, it's still very serious and sad, but that's the emotion I excel at. Songwriting ... am I right?

As always, I look forward to hearing your point of view on this one!

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Each day we show up just a little more worn down
To make a bigger a hole in the ground
For miles and miles and miles we scour

Each day we haul the bounty up, pound by pound
Delighted when the mother lode is found
We shore the tunnels up so that we don't get devoured

Each day we jump a little if there's shaking in the ground
But life to mother nature is bound
Any minute could be the first of our final hour

Each day we sigh relieved to be homeward bound
To again see the trees to hear the sounds
The darkness and the quiet leave a man so dour

It's like waiting on a date
Wagering on fate

The day the mine collapsed at least a dozen men drowned
The rest of us were trapped and never found
The darkness and the quiet leave a man so dour