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Song: How To Be

FAWM 2019

Album: FAWM 2019
Track: #9

I think this one today is pretty powerful, though it was pretty hard even to get to any lyrics at all. Some of the words feel too "dangly" (kind of how I visualize words that are too jagged for the more subtle meaning on) for me to feel particularly comfortable right away, but there was such a tremendous catharsis in some of these lines for me, I just felt good to get it out.

As always, please feel free to share any thoughts on it -- good or not-so-good. Music is nothing if not shared.

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There was this thing that happened on a Tuesday
I know, that's a curious thing to take time to denote
I was standing in line and you said to me excuse me
Any chance that I might ever get to vote?

I explained simply that wasn't on the ballot
But I think that it's a wonderful idea
Of course, I really knew the world was just too callous
And I carried on

Now there's something about those things that happen usually
They idle on and on and on as status quo
And people pester on and on and on so rudely
I stay oblivious to why it matters so

I was standing in line and you said to me excuse me
I'm gonna tell you something you'll wish you'd always known
You can be the one to help the world include me
But I carried on

I'm only me
Already struggling to be
The wonderful me
That the world won't see
And you're trying to hand me
A responsibility

I'm not strong enough I plead
I wish that everyone were free
But I couldn't be the key
Never to that degree
I can't even guarantee
I'll ever be more than me