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Song: MetaFord Pinto

FAWM 2019

Album: FAWM 2019
Track: #19

I wish any of this were true, though that's what songs are for I guess. When I heard how that "strawberries" verse manifested, I knew this song was just going to be a story song and I tried really hard to make all the "verses" actually all be bridges, verses, and choruses combined, and, while you might not notice that without me telling you that, I think you will now. :)

Anyway -- this whole day I wanted to just write a song unrooted (at least not consciously) in how I'm feeling and what's going on, and it's a big mental unblock to get something out fairly systematically but still enjoyably.

And yes, it's an intentional double entendre/pun (metaphored Pinto).

Enjoy, and lay those comments on me!

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I met you fifteen years ago
When I pulled up to this theater in my green and white 78 Pinto
I knew you were something special
And though I showed no sign of potential you invited me to see a show 
I didn't know a movie could be that good

We're eating strawberries in the cold
While we listen to the rain hit the roof of our 78 Pinto
We didn't drive anywhere special
Just you and me nestled near this run down theater we know
How could any other story be this good?

Suddenly our kids are nearly grown
And the oldest one is asking me to fix up that 78 Pinto
We both have reasons that that's special
His gaze is reverential and I know we've gotta make that engine moan
How can a life this true be so good?

Oh all these grandbabies calling us old
If they only knew what started in a green and white 78 Pinto
Who could've known it was that special
And though I keep that confidential there are memories there I'll never outgrow
What can I say ... life's been good