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Song: The Boats Of Argorn

FAWM 2019

Album: FAWM 2019
Track: #22

Land ahoy! Land ahoy! In the distance there -- a tiny spot Our persistence saved us heading west The endeavor of the boats of Argorn All alone Through storms While we listed taking beatings Still in bliss cause nothing bests The weather like the boats of Argorn Stories told And retold Stoic men and women sailing on Through hell and heaven so obsessed Together on the boats of Argorn Memories scorn Valor reborn Confetti tossed, victory claimed So many heroes have been blessed But never on the boats of Argorn Blow that horn All aboard Forty waves all crashed against the sides And wasted us to the sunken depths Forever on the boats of Argorn

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I really enjoy doing songs about stories that themselves are already made up. I think I may revisit this later to harden the story delivery, but I loved the "boats of Argorn" as an expression and story when it just appeared (like song ideas tend to do), so I got through what I could with it.

I think the accompanying music is cool and has broad potential to expand on, but, in general, I just really like the feel of this one. I intended to use falsetto on the second line of each verse, but I ultimately decided against it. Otherwise, used a couple of unusual (at least unusual-for-me) devices (mid-phrase rhymes, non-rhymes, the fake story story, elongated short sentences with longer ramblings), so it's always feels at least original when you can put things like that together.

Let me know if you agree/disagree, but I realize not many people are still listening this deep into FAWM. :)