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Song: The Unwitting Foil

FAWM 2019

Album: FAWM 2019
Track: #7

I wanted so bad to write something happy today, but that's not what came out. While I think this song is GREAT poetically, I accept that two chords on a guitar is hard to really translate into as good of a song as this can be.

It's not necessarily catchy, and it teeters awfully close to that level of angst people don't want to bother with in a song (actually it probably it has full-out jumped that shark), but I think with the right performance (and I'm writing this before recording the demo video), it can be extremely powerful.

It's probably pretty clear what it's about, but to elaborate, it was me trying to generate a kind of suspenseful telling of that fear we, presumably, all have of just being a character in someone else's story.

You be the judge and let me know.

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You don't understand me
And you're forcing me to speak
And I'm already dealing with a voice that isn't me

You didn't defend me
And I was already weak
I was already dealing with a force I couldn't see

You straight up damned me
But it was already bleak
I was already dealing with the loss of dignity

When you avenged me
For the fame you seek
I was already dealing with the cost of peace

We had a calling
We had a calling 
We had a calling