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Song: What I Get For Thinking

FAWM 2019

Album: FAWM 2019
Track: #8

I walked into some random honky tonk I put a quarter in the jukebox for a song The face on some dude back yonder said that I had picked it wrong When the next song that came on was this one He yelled, hey man that ain't no Merle I said that's good, cause I ain't Minnie Pearl That was a fact he easily confirmed And we just carried on as we were Turns out sometimes things are just what they seem No conflict, no regret, no irony On both sides of the fence, the grass is simply green Things don't always need reasons to be There's something here for everyone Everybody in that bar was having fun I started this song planning for someone to throw a punch But that's what I get for thinking

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I'm probably ultimately going to chalk this song up to experimentation or artsiness or something (or maybe it's the best song ever written -- one can rarely tell so immediately after). It was super tough to get inspiration today, and I tried at least a dozen progressions and riffs and such before I found anything that worked, and I ended up making this goofy, recursively self-deconstructing, self-aware, unashamedly conflicting literary gem that's just plain unexpected as a song (or insert some less flattering words here, if you please).

To boot, it uses probably one of the best metal progressions I have EVER come up with (and actually I have had it in the notebook since sometime toward the end of last year's FAWM), so maybe that glorious screamo track was never destined to be.

Anyway, I think it's pretty funny, and despite the few things I'm not a huge fan of about it, I still absolutely love it. I hope you do, but, as always, I GREATLY anticipate others' thoughts about it.