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Song: Anyone

FAWM 2022

Album: FAWM 2022
Track: #2

Due to a death in the family, I'm not going to have dedicated songwriting time the first week or so of February, so I decided to get started early.

I really, really struggled with this song, but I'm glad I got something out I'm somewhat proud of. Initial reactions to my songs are usually not very accurate, but my guess is if I end up liking this I'll want to do more to it.

Regardless, the point of the exercise is to force out a song every day, even if it's not your best effort.

So here's the first! It's called "Anyone."

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I'll call Anyone

I'd like a little time if I may intrude
Get a little insight from your golden tooth

How strange

How could anyone

Tell you that they're fine when it ain't the truth
Keep fighting the fight when there ain't no use

In playin'
The game

It seems many keep winning not trying too hard
They shoot for the moon and reach the stars
Hey hey
Have a wonderful day

Not cool Anyone

I try and I try and I just get rebuked
It sounds like your advice is be a different dude

Hey hey
Hey hey
Hey hey
Hey hey

I'll call anyone