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Song: Carried Away

FAWM 2022

Album: FAWM 2022
Track: #24

I'm still struggling a bit with lyrical ideas, so I'm still having to navigate sort of abstract ideas, but it still works. The biggest issue today was I came up with that great riff & chord progression, but it's one of those that takes quite a bit of practice to really master enough to play live, hence the weird cutting at the beginning of the video.

I do really like the theme of this song and the overall sound, and I can really hear it taking on much more of a pop or maybe alternative vibe in the studio, but just generally, on the whole, I like the melody and chord phrasings.

Enjoy "Carried Away!"

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A man up the road
Just told me about a place
Lots of people like to go where they get carried away

I'd like to go
It's a little out of the way
But sometimes the weekend has to start on Monday

Otherwise we're just growing old, hey hey

That man up the road
He oversold this place
Don't know what he was thinking but I think he got carried away

I'd like to know
I'd really like his name
Who I can go talk to cause I've got something to say

Cause we're still just growing old, hey hey

I don't like the snow
And I really don't like the rain
That being said I think I'll go outside today