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Song: Clyde

FAWM 2022

Album: FAWM 2022
Track: #22

I was pretty busy earlier in the day today, so this got pushed into the evening and I had to work on it in different stretches. When I sat down, nothing was really coming out, even though earlier I'd played around with a few things I liked. I ended up abandoning all of those things, then suddenly this song just started coming out of me -- nearly word for word, in this order.

I have no idea why lines like "Somebody gave me twenty-eight dollars just to find myself a ride" just come out, but that is the beauty of this strategy. The most bizarre stuff just come out. I really, really like when the only real difficulty is finding a rhyming word, and even that was not hard once I got going.

By the time I got to the 4th verse, I had this idea to make the narrator of the story "Bonnie" but I couldn't phrase it in a way that made the rest of the song stay interesting (to me at least).

This, I believe, is the first time I have used intro music like this that never appears again anywhere else in the song. I kept it, because 1.) I liked it when I came up with it today and didn't want to shelve it and 2.) It sounds a little bit like a "Breaking News" kind of intro.

I present you: "Clyde."

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Somebody gave me twenty-eight dollars just to find myself a ride
They didn't really tell me where to go but I guess it was implied
I was in the middle of nowhere, something less than countryside
I somehow flagged down a taxi cab with a driver named Clyde

Duba dop bop bop ba
Duba dop bop ba

I told Clyde don't ask me man just put it in gear and drive
Clyde my friend I think I finally know what it is to feel alive
I think that he was jealous cause he said only if you survive
Then he took both of his hands off of the wheel and he glared into my eyes

Duba dop bop bop ba
Duba dop bop ba

Clyde sweared aloud as we were drifting across the double line
Then I noticed blue lights flashing and a siren from behind
Officer walked up said Clyde don't worry it'll be fine
I think this young man's twenty eight dollars is about to be mine

Duba dop bop bop ba
Duba dop bop ba

Clyde grinned a surreptitious grin and he revved the engine high
We sprayed a cloud of dust the size of Texas into that man's eye
Clyde I said hey thanks but I don't think I'm ready to die
Sorry, but we're going straight to hell my friend, and we are gonna fly

Duba dop bop bop ba
Duba dop bop ba