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Song: Dear Love

FAWM 2022

Album: FAWM 2022
Track: #6

This may be my favorite song I've ever written (co-written, technically -- once again with the masterful Phil Taylor), but not because it's necessarily a great song. My grandfather died at the end of January at the age of 94, and the song is inspired by a letter my grandmother wrote to him just two months before they got married in 1951. Several of the lines come directly from the letter, because I wanted to capture the idiosyncrasies of her language.

Knowing the context of the letter, now, after 70+ years of family building and life-living, it's very special to me.

I think whenever this one gets to the production floor, I'll add some variation either with instrumentals or bridges, or both, or more, but for now, I think it stands pretty solidly on its own.

Since we wrote this on a standard guitar, I recorded it that way as well, but my recording setup is a bit sensitive, and my mic pics up the sound of the pick hitting the strings. That's why this is recorded as separate takes for guitar & vocal.

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Dear Love,
How are things going by now?
I just hope that you can read this
Sugar, you're all that I ever think about

Dear Love,
If you're reading what I'm writing right now
I wish the time would fly
And I could hold you forever somehow

Dear Love,
I wanna have forever right now
I can't hardly stand it
Waiting for our Friday nights to come around

P.S.: I love you always