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Song: Moon Landing

FAWM 2022

Album: FAWM 2022
Track: #23

Today's was an exercise in persistence. Once again, I didn't have an idea or theme or any real strong emotions to draw on. I just had some chords that I came up with yesterday that I knew I wanted to use (the first 2 that appear in this video).

Generally speaking, I have found that that approach almost always makes it a little harder, and today was that way. Usually, I get some chords out and a lyric or idea just emerges. Today, I got kind of stuck in a story song (or musical poem, maybe) that really has no clear metaphor (at least not to me when writing it) driving it.

That being said, I am pretty happy with the story. Some of it is maybe a bit cliche, but I'll take it even if it was just as practice pushing through the process.

Nonetheless, I like the music for this one and I think it has potential if it ever gets a studio treatment. Enjoy "Moon Landing!"

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Glowing from the light of the moon
He took her hand and said I won't be coming too
And she set off in her balloon
To find the place she felt that she'd been summoned to

Ascending to the height of the moon
She never realized what she would be going through
Cold as hell yet peacefully jejune
Til she looked up to see her craft had come in two

He got this funny feeling from the moon
Upon his horse he launched the bearing that she flew
Scared he found her lifeless on the dunes
He took her hand and knew she'd not be coming to