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Song: Second Born

FAWM 2022

Album: FAWM 2022
Track: #14

It's always intriguing to me to see which songs I write on my birthday (my birthday is February 13). As far as I can tell, there is no general theme, but the songs always have a little more meaning simply because of the day I write them.

Today's song is "Second Born," and even though I am the middle child & second born, I don't think this is about me, but as every songwriter knows, you usually have no idea what many of your songs are about. "Second Born" just sounded right.

When I write songs, I usually get a chord progression, melody, and then consonants and vowels that sound good in that melody long before I have lyrics. The "art" for me is finding words that sound good there and then composing the rest of the story around it.

In that regard, I actually really love a lot about this song, though it'll take some time for the "story" to grow on me. It's funny how not knowing what your own song is about undermines its seeming value, but I know it sounds good and feels good to listen to. Just has to make its way into my permanent conscience.

As it will now for you, as well. :-D

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A young man took flight once he was given permission to soar
Strayed far away, faced demons and lost, got knocked to the floor
Wandered alone in the darkness too curious not to explore
He saw a light and was drawn to the person who opened the door

He's further lorn
Second born
Afraid of the voices that lull
He's not gonna live there long

He was led to the cliff where he was encouraged to try it once more
If it's all in his head he should probably be fearless he was fearless before
Determined and trusting he mustered his strength with all of his core
Swirling and flightless, then his body was lifeless when he washed on ashore

He's further lorn
Second born
Afraid of the voices that lull
He's not gonna live there long