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Album: Grasping At Smoke

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Grasping At Smoke

Album Title: Grasping At Smoke
Completed: March 2, 2014

This album comes from the THIRD composition challenge Phil Taylor and I have done together.

The rules allowed us to write and record the album from November 1, 2013 to February 28, 2014. I was required to make 7-10 songs, one whose lines' first letters had to make the sentence "If I had one wish I would wish for you to want to be with me" and with the theme "A home for the homely homeless homo sapiens." I also had to use at least 6 of each of the following words: ancient, renaissance, punctual, shuck, burrow, borrow, lament, noose, torrent, and pluck. I also had to use at least 6 of each of these words: peculiar, erotic, evangelical, posthumously, ergonomic, pedantic, synergetic, unethical, surreptitiously, and elven. I used all of the words with the exception of "borrow" and "noose."

Once I was done writing, I submitted the lyrics to Phil, and he named the album.

The album cover is a minimally cartoonified photo of my hand with smoke generated by The gIMP.

Because I had an injury to my hand followed by hardware and software issues with recording, I did not release the tracks until March 2, 2014.

Complete YouTube Playlist:

Track List:

  1. Listen! All Day Long
  2. Listen! A Home So Near
  3. Listen! The Tariff
  4. Listen! Almost Home
  5. Listen! Piece Of Sheet Music
  6. Listen! Down Town
  7. Listen! Right On