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Song: Down Town

Grasping At Smoke

Album: Grasping At Smoke
Track: #6

Listen! Down Town Release Video Audio Track
Recorded: March 1, 2014
Length: 2:58
Instrumentation: Alvarez ABT60E Electric Acoustic Baritone Guitar
Notes: Has some pops and skipping from my crappy audio recorder, but that's all I've got.

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Last night I was making
Dinner of taters and steak and
Thinkin bout eating a cake

Suddenly I was shaking
Like a major fever breaking
Most of my body aching

Then I found myself awaking
Finally done with the quaking
A thirst I couldn't slake

Was I at my own wake
A bunch of folks handshakin
Right around day break and

Sounded like they were making
Comments about me overtaking
Duties of their forsaken

But my goal was jail breaking
I knew they were mistaken
Their heads were like fruitcakes

But my flight was overtaken
My vision made opaque and
I got a small headache

They burned me at the stake
Claiming I was just a fake and
Now they have forsaken

Tied a rock to my left leg and
So I wouldn't reawake
They chucked me in great big

So I'm anchoring a salty lake
After a couple of hours bakin'
What had I really taken

Now I get to partake in
The future in the making
Like a life long clambake

I was just food in the making
Now I'm feeding the fishes bacon
Perfect when they're waking

And the wheel goes around and around
These fish are never gonna drown
So I'm feeling a little down
Down town