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Song: Dark Fire


Album: Hell
Track: #7

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I'm a travelin' man
Got no destination just trying to find my way
Never needed no plan
Might have been my imagination but I heard a drifter say

All roads lead to your grave
Find the longest path but in the end you'll still be done
Played tricks on my brain
I said you're crazy or all knowing just where do you come from

The blackened flames of heaven
Dark fire

Started walkin' away
Senseless from the unity of disarray and heart
As I turned back his way
A horrific voice behind me said this is where it starts

Started runnin' away
Back to where I came from to original virtue
But I heard him again
With an evil laugh he chorted you never can elude

The blackened flames of heaven
Dark fire

All roads lead to my grave
And my unresponsive body is wobbling on its edge
Freezing shadows of flames
That's all I feel around me that's what the drifter said

Into darkness I fell
With this fire raging wildly in my heart going out
Heaven is a shadow of hell
Could it be this mind-blowing that truth is all about

The blackened flames of heaven
Dark fire

They manipulate a fixed arithmetic of fate
And the cross side-effects of the hatred of hate
When I close my eyes will my thoughts deliberate
On how the circle of love declines to celebrate
The insights of three stretch the insights of four
To the point where the world couldn't know anymore
When I think of life this way am I shutting the door
On the neverending search of the pitchers that pour

The blackened flames of heaven
Dark fire
Dark fire
Dark fire
Dark fire