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Song: Legacy


Album: Hell
Track: #10

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I met the verge of extinction. I braved birth.
An intangible distinction newly unearthed.

Most would not considerate the universe around.
A blink of time obliterates, but infinity I've found.

If I hold on ...

One salty ocean underneath me, a bitter sky above.
One faulty motion would release me (or a timely shove).

But I'm free from emancipation living on the edge.
Standard old exoneration in the tears I bled.

Moving on ...

Is there something more to life than life and death?
Could it be only really life, a limited context?

Most of what is out there is more than we can see.
And all the pain that I will bear is more than I can feel ...

I'll be gone ...
I'll be gone ...

In the days of the broken legacy.