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Song: One More Thing


Album: Hell
Track: #5

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It's a long and dreary night pickin cobwebs from the corners of my mind
I'm standing here debating with myself the kinds of thoughts I must unwind
Lost and lonely artifacts
If I don't stop I'll just find one more thing I'd like to leave behind

Well over by a wood chest is an old man that likes to shake his head
He told me all'd be better if for once I'd stop and heed just what he said
Here's a list of your bad mistakes
But I'd just like to add one more thing you should've done instead

You never take the time the decisions that leave part of you to rot
All of this around you is the bounty you once had that you've forgot
I just get up in his face and say
I'm saying there is not one more thing I'd take back from this lot

Conversation's over I hop onto my bike and ride away
All I could ever hope for is one more chance to find those words to say
Yeah I'm tired of listening to me
But I've just gotta play one more thing