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Album: It All Comes Out

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It All Comes Out

Album Title: It All Comes Out
Completed: October 1, 2002

This was my first album. As I learned to play guitar, I felt the constant need to have tracks to practice lead to, thus I started writing songs. I felt the internal calling to write words/poetry as well, but finding the place to start was difficult. I eventually decided to regurgitate my raw thoughts, and just deal with what came out, hence the title. The concept of an "album" came about from the nascent "" which gave me the ability to upload tracks, then publish an album. Effectively, this album contains the first 14 songs I ever wrote. While my recording and writing techniques were far from mature at this point, there are some great songs and fantastic moments within, although it is difficult for me to listen to the original recordings anymore.

Track List:

  1. Up On Life
  2. You
  3. Her Eyes (Ordinary Thoughts Of Life)
  4. My Road
  5. Shadows
  6. Yellow Moon
  7. Listen! Three Quarters
  8. Save Me
  9. El Tiempo
  10. Hidden Line
  11. I Suppose
  12. Listen! Lucky Town
  13. Going Out For A While
  14. Forever