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Song: Intro

krackA krumZ

Album: krackA krumZ
Track: #1

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My name is Pimp Daddy G Fly Shooky Shooky
Call the bakery and get 'em makin' cookies
Party over hizzere party over thizzere
Me and G Straddy gonna party every whizzere

So bust a rhyme and bust a groove
We gonna bust a cap in yo phat patoo ...

Hey hey they call me G Straddy and I rap alone
So I wait 'til Shooky Shooky and my mama get gone
Pull down the shades turn out the lights
Spinnin' phat grooves almost half the night

Then I try to find a way to chill my world
I make a couple calls and bring ovah my girls
But Pimp Daddy G Fly and my ma get home first
So I look into the fridge just tryin' to quench my thirst

Finally I found what I wanted to
A nice cold can of that Mountain D-d-dew

So take a swig of that yellow green soda
That kinda resembles urine or a liquefied Yoda
(Yoda Yoda Yoda Yoda ...)
It's the sweet sweet dew that makes us do what we do
G Straddy won't you play us all a solo or two

Ow!  Sho thang biznatch!