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Song: The Rabbit Song

krackA krumZ

Album: krackA krumZ
Track: #2

Listen! The Rabbit Song (Acoustic) - Live at Cristina's Cafe
Recorded: March 14, 2010
Length: 2:00
Instrumentation: Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

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I was drivin' home one late night from work
And out in the road popped a little bitty jerk
A rabbit actin' like he feelin' brave and bold
Couldn't'a been half past two days old

I pressed on the brakes and I pressed a little more
I pressed down my foot until the pedal hit the floor
My car goes into slide, my tire and him collide
Thump ditty dump yeah I'm pretty sure he died

And I guess that I could be showin' a little more regret
For the bouncy little brotha that I crushed to little bits
But I don't give a crap that's the purpose of this rap
If you hoppin' in my way then learn to bust a cap

Should learned to stay outta the road from ya motha
Right before she bit the bullet shot out by my brotha
Now you're just a little meat lyin' in the gutta
Just another snacky for a single turkey buzza'd

Uh uh uh so I guess that you could call me the good samaritan
Cause I pulled up to the scene in my pimpin' caravan
Where I saw the helpless creature bleeding on my feet
I thought that if I helped him it might be pretty neat

So I knelt right down and I gave him CPR
But he wasn't responding so I put him in my car
I laid it to the floor tryin' to get him to the vet
Told myself I'd lie say the rabbit was my pet

And the further that I went the faster that I'd go
And suddenly I noticed it had started to snow
I hit a patch of ice and I went into a skid
I woke up from the crash wonderin' what the heck I did

The first car that I saw I flagged by yellin' at it
Said man you gotta help me save my poor pet rabbit
He looked the rabbit said fool have you forgotten
([Alternate lyric 2-3-11] He looked at it and asked me "What neurosis have you gotten?")
This little rabbit's body is already two weeks rotten