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Song: Effort

New Songs Bucket

Album: New Songs Bucket
Track: #23

Listen! Effort FAWM Demo
Recorded: February 22, 2017
Length: 3:01
Instrumentation: Acoustic baritone guitar, vocals

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He said I'm going
I'm taking the music with me
They laughed and danced
And wished him well

He quietly relished in their
Misguided impunity
But it was only for him
That the silence fell

Silence is such a
Missed opportunity
Like spending 40 dollars
On a wishing well

He tried to teach them
A lesson in humility
He tried to teach them
And he failed

Effort x14

It's been a year now
Since he passed away
It's been a year now
Fading to black

Each day now retroactively
Someone stops to say
You gotta admit
That kid really had a knack

Why waste the time on
A present that's mundane?
When you can remember
Something you could never get back

It was really different
The sounds that he would play
But we're stuck dancing
To this tired soundtrack

Effort x14