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Album: Philosophical Hiatus

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Philosophical Hiatus

Album Title: Philosophical Hiatus
Completed: March 5, 2017

This album was in the works for at least 10 years. It started as a concept album where I'd force myself write something that focuses more on the fun side of music and life, something that is self deconstructing, and doesn't take anything too seriously. While I never actually sat down and did that per se, FAWM 2017 yielded me plenty of light hearted and/or amusing and/or goofy songs that I could use.

My original list of ideas included:

  1. Your Gym Locker
  2. Snow Is Fine, Wind Blows
  3. Women Should Be A Four-Letter Word
  4. Your Check, Mate
  5. I Pecked On Your Window And Your House Fell Down
  6. Cute Little Grudge
  7. The Goal
  8. Epic Fail
  9. Red Rover Over
  10. The Truth
  11. Tip Your Killer
  12. The only one of those I actually ended up using was #5 (I Pecked On Your Window And Your House Fell Down == "Bad Luck Love"). Perhaps one day some future me will look at that list and deliver on the rest. :-D (Doubtful)

Track List:

  1. Listen! Forever Lost To The Ether
  2. Listen! The Calling Of The Oomphad
  3. Listen! People Suck
  4. Listen! Winning
  5. Listen! Blue Balloon
  6. Listen! Bad Luck Love
  7. Listen! Traffic
  8. Listen! The Tenth Turangalila Blues
  9. Listen! Big Words
  10. Listen! Grue Pattibrand
  11. Listen! Getting Old Sucks
  12. Listen! Bad Baby Ducks
  13. Listen! If I Were An Almond