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Song: Bad Baby Ducks

Philosophical Hiatus

Album: Philosophical Hiatus
Track: #12

Listen! Bad Baby Ducks FAWM Demo
Recorded: February 20, 2017
Length: 2:04
Instrumentation: Acoustic baritone guitar, vocals

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I saw four baby ducks
Splashing in a puddle
Mama duck nowhere to be seen
But when she sees those baby ducks
They're gonna be in trouble
They got mud all over their brand new blue jeans

Now I don't know why
Mama always does the wash
That's just the job she got stuck with
But she loves those baby ducks
And those skinny jeans they got
Out there runnin' amok in

Oh look she's got 'em by the tail feathers
Fumbling in a line
Think they're gonna get it when they get back
But once they got out of the weather
Clean and dry inside
Mama just asks them if they enjoyed their little trek

Mama is always content
To love those moments she's got
Though you'd think she'd wanna thrash those baby ducks
You see mama's still remembering
Last week when
She was chasing down five little muddy ducks