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Song: Blue Balloon

Philosophical Hiatus

Album: Philosophical Hiatus
Track: #5

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Recorded: February 1, 2017
Length: 4:11
Instrumentation: Acoustic baritone guitar, vocals

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I'm a blue balloon floating on nefarious wind
The air's as thick as a yellow belly's foolhearted skin
The birds are eyeballing me waiting til the time is when
But for now I love the moment as I look down on the kingdom of men

Well that moment didn't last long I'm about to find out what I'm made of
I'd like to think it's hearty steak and eggs but it's probably mashed potatoes
Oh no I think I see my punishment impending for just continuing straight on
I'm a blue balloon in the middle of a raging tornado

I think I came to, but there's lava as the pillow on my bed
I'm a little deflated but miraculously I'm not dead
An entire flock of pigeons is somehow perched upon my head
I'm not a blue balloon but an amphibole geode instead

I start a rumblin and a tumblin like a perfect score on the Richter
Three times I slam to one side and I escape the outside of my constrictor
I'm the yolk of an egg heading toward a giant mouth craving nectar
Then my teacher slaps my head cause I was sleeping in the middle of her lecture

So all of a sudden I can't find a way to catch my breath
I finally come to with sirens and beeping in the ambulance
I catch the reflection of my choking face predicting my death
I'm a blue balloon experiencing severe distress

I finally died and started floating o'er the kingdom of men
The birds no longer eyeballing but I didn't actually say when
The air is getting thinner and I'm getting a lot bigger I'm an equilibrium layman
I'm a blue balloon exploding on nefarious wind