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Song: The Tenth Turangalila Blues

Philosophical Hiatus

Album: Philosophical Hiatus
Track: #8

Listen! The Tenth Turangalila Blues FAWM Demo
Recorded: February 12, 2017
Length: 2:29
Instrumentation: Acoustic baritone guitar, vocals

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I've played music all my life
And I might slightly better than good
But on a friend's advice
I decided that I would

Take on the Turangalila
Movement number ten
It turns out that was a terrible idea

Messiaen must have been out of his mind
Cause nobody can count this out in threes
Tied eights in triple time
Defines insanity

But that's the Turangalila
Movement number ten
It's beautiful but it brought me to my knees


Never in my life
Have I felt so incompetent
Even once I found it online
It took me hours figure out how it went

Oh curse you Turangalila
Movement number ten
How impossible can you really be

Don't get me wrong I'm glad I tried
It's always good to expand the brain
But it wasn't even close to benign
Cause I need meds now for the pain

From playing the Turangalila
Movement number ten
It was way too much culture for me

Oh sacred Turangalila
Movement number ten
Thank you for humbling me