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Song: Bubble Bath

Surpryzes: Let it Ryde

Album: Surpryzes: Let it Ryde
Track: #6

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Slide into the bubble bath
The smell of the candles makes me relax
Grab my loufa, it's been a hard day
To get some peace of mind this is the only way

Gotta crank that Kenny G cd
That my home dog bought for me
Gonna ride it on out til I'm all pruny
And make a Santa Clause beard with every bubble I see

So I came home to the apartment with my date
And she asked me for a place to freshen up
Like most men I've no idea what that means
But the bathroom made sense so I said that was the place

The sad part ... about this story
Is that's not even when it really got weird
She got to the bathroom and what did she see?
My roommate in the tub with a bubble beard 

Ok that's strange, but even that don't take the cake
It's gonna get crazy ... insane for pete's sake
You see Shooky in the tub, got embarrassed and shreaked
And apparently some intriguing magic got released

A vortex or some other word you never use
Made ours and another universe fuse
My date tried tell Shooky it'd be fine
And that's kinda when she got turned into a fly

Into a fly ...
Woah now
Slow it down
There's a bug in the water

Holy cow holy cow there's a bug get it out
I'm so scared and what can I do now
Surely I'll be eaten or stung to death
One of these here is gonna be my last breath

If any time was right this is certainly the one
I'm crying like a baby that ain't havin no fun
The metaphor was weak but what do you expect?
I'm 'bout to get capped by a bathing insect

And since it seems apparent this is gonna be my doom
I have a small confession that I'll make unto the room
The bubbles in this tub came completely free
They isn't from a bottle dawg, they came from me!

Oh my God what is that smell
I was three steps short of saying it was hell
But since I have some experience with that
I worked up some magic da do rattly tat

I always keep a way to make the universe resplit
Strange, but it's always in my repertoire kit
Open it up, and everything I need
Is ready, available, with infinite speed

All I had to do, was read this spell
This one was once written on a spacecraft shell
Chickalapowa, dohn slagga digahon pay flactica

Some whirly and swirly and craziness whisked
But my girly turned back to a Homo Sapiens chick
The smell didn't go away and I don't know why
But everything else seemed to be just fine

But unfortunately it was too chaotic
A universe infected, no antibiotic
And it all exploded when a spark was shed
And you never heard this story cause we're all three dead