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Song: Get Down

Surpryzes: Let it Ryde

Album: Surpryzes: Let it Ryde
Track: #1

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I'ma teach you how to get down like what what
Get on the floor and shake that butt butt
Everybody knows everybody knows 
Everybody knows the party we throw is off the hizzy
I ain't joking
If I'm lying I'm choking
You better not be smoking
Or your eye I be poking
Here's a token
So get your game on

No one's ever seen moves like these
G Straddy dances like Shooky when he's gotta go pee
Somehow I flail like a maniac
If the world is Pentium I'm UNIVAC
And that's the way I roll
Like a sheet of paper up on a telephone poll
Think you can understand me?
Just find me on facebook and fan me.

Boogie woogie
Pimp Daddy Shooky Shooky
Has got the flavor and I think we'll call it "awesome"
I'm never playing Possum, unless there is a bear
Cause if there's a bear well then, I'm running scared
But don't hate on me like a coward
Just because I cower at the the thought of Winnie the Pooh attacking me while I shower
It's your standard phobia
And Smokie, huh, only you can prevent forest fires

Am I supposed to say something?
Uh uh
DDR Baby
I love DDR