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Song: Hot Wings Revisited

Surpryzes: Let it Ryde

Album: Surpryzes: Let it Ryde
Track: #7

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I stroll into the wing joint I say how are you
You know I could use me some hot barbeque
If you got enough to spare I'll take a dozen or two
But if not that'll be fine it's all cool
I'm just jokin' man you better have my wings
Or I'll bite off your fingers, and I'll spit out your rings
And while your at it better fry me up those onion ring thangs
Make it snappy I'll be happy not to make your face sting

Who are you little white dude Shooky
You, beer and hot wings? better stick to milk and cookies
The wings here'll make spicy seem like water
Bet you couldn't eat as many as my two-year-old daughter
Go ahead try to beat me, you'll end up needin' Rogaine
I can snort the hottest wings like cocaine
Step aside and watch a pro at work
Or otherwise you're gonna see me go berzerk

Never have I met such a formidable foe
The way you eat your wings man you got a great flow
Did you know, I once ate 75 in a row?
Maybe we should team up and start our own show
Maybe we could call it shooky shook and g straddy
Tell these sucker chicken wings exactly who's their daddy
I've got a funny feeling that we could be the bomb
Let me just check if it's okay with my mom

Oh yeah I forgot, I talked to her this morning
Ok yeah, I admit her charms were alluring
And I guess after all you're OK mister
Turns out my daughter is your 2-year-old half sister
It could be a family show
But it's not for weak stomachs cause those wings are on fire yo
Here I'll buy you a beer
Don't need any gun fights anymore in here ...

Hey man won't we need a jingle?

You can't stop it when we drop these hot wings
You can't stop it when we drop these hot wings
You can't stop it when we drop these hot wings
You can't stop it when we drop these hot wings