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Song: Lemonade

Surpryzes: Let it Ryde

Album: Surpryzes: Let it Ryde
Track: #8

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Our hands are shaking
Our feet are aching
Our stomachs quaking
We need some bacon
It's been a long day
Slaving for the man
But we're doing what we can
Cause we gotta get them dollars from our lemonade stand
So, can I get you a glass of yellow?
You're looking like a thirsty fellow
Had a long day?
Stop on in for a drink and it'll keep you mellow
You know it's yummy right?
Need it in your tummy right?
Step up and have a pint
We keep it flowing all night

I got to thinking
In between the gulps and drinking
It's crazy how popular our lemonade stand is
We're worse than Wal-Mart
Packed at 3am like we sellin' special candies
My thoughts have got me sickened
Our lemonade must be addictive
That would explain why we hardly sell a glass to upper class
Who priced that sugar last?
I have to ask
Cause these folks that pass 
Keep payin' us 38 bucks a glass?
Think we better run
It really has been fun
But I think maybe we're kinda running a little ring of drugs ...

Wow that's crazy
Do not tell the FDA, please
We'll keep this under wraps
Please contain your "holy craps"
Maybe that powder wasn't sugar like I thought it was
I got this funny feeling somebodies gon be suing us