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Song: Pizza

Surpryzes: Let it Ryde

Album: Surpryzes: Let it Ryde
Track: #2

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I like my pizza with sausage and mushroom
When I'm eating on it they say "you two should get a room"
I say "there's nothing wrong with making out with pizza crust
In fact, it's a must
Lick a litttle bit of garlic dust"
Can't get enough
Don't try to take mine
Garlic butter flows out like liquid sunshine
Though sometimes you burn on the roof of my mouth
You feel so good in my tummy down south

I never seen someone eatin pizza need lube
I hope you don't mind I put your vid up on YouTube
At least a billion hits and Nike wants to talk
I have no idea why Nike wants in on it at all
But anyway I'm so popular
Fact is your pizza-eating's jocular
And the world knows it all cause of me
But *TEARS* you'd never know cause you're wrapped up in the cheese

Hot sexy melting cheese
Pass me another piece if you please
Got my hands on thee
Now I'm gon sink in my teeth
Throw into the fridge what's left
Gon to have a sweet breakfast
Some like it cold, some like it ablaze
I'm just gonna toss it in the microwave

YouTube banned the video
Apparently for the obscenities yo ..
And now
I'm back
To craving cold pizza like a wookie
With the infamous shook-shooky

Let's write a song about pizza