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Song: Slumber Party

Surpryzes: Let it Ryde

Album: Surpryzes: Let it Ryde
Track: #3

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In case it slipped your mind
The name is shooky shooky
And I think it's time to party
Somebody grab a slinky
We'll get this started proper
Maybe play some cops
And maybe play some robbers
Got a pocket full of tic tacs
Pocket full of knick knack, patty whack
Give your mom a heart attack
When she sees her vase is cracked
Blame it on the kid who still pees the bed
Giggle to ourselves when she smacks him on the head

Slumber party
Slumber party

Hey noodles that ain't fair
Cause everybody knows
G Straddy makes bed wetting cool
The wannabes drool
And the rest of you fools ...
Think it's any better when you're swimming in the pool?
But anyway I'm here to get down
Some people tryin to sleep got some issues with the sound
Go get 'em out of bed
Splash some water on 'em and tell 'em what I said
Or tell 'em that the awesomeness is starting instead

Slumber party
Slumber party