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Song: The Final Track

Surpryzes: Let it Ryde

Album: Surpryzes: Let it Ryde
Track: #10

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Hey everybody it's the final track
But don't let those tears get on attack
Cause everybody knows that it's gotta end sometime
We'd all burn up from never-ending sunshine
Don't turn off your stereo off just yet
We've got a few rhymes left you can bet
I'm not skinny, and I'm not a fatty
After these scratches, guess what!? It's G Straddy

Everybody gather holdin' hands
We been singin' hallelujah to retro jams
Call it euphoria, phat lyrics that sooth ya
We're forty-eight hippies at a Carpenters reunion
Don't cry [Harmonize?], but don't hold it all in either
G Straddy n' Shooky are the cure to any fever
Inspirations -- emotions -- chokin' ya
Our humble gift to you; a masterpiece; utopia

I hope that you've enjizzled these sizzles
Me and G Straddy, we've got mad skizzles
If you wondering how we do it
Tell you right now there's nothin to it
Just harness your inner kracka krum
Don't hide, let it ride, it surpryzes some
And leaves the other half of em suckin their thumb
After G Straddy the album's done

Word ...
Another word !
Don't cry

I have to admit these last words were hard
Like trying to make a diamond from a tub of lard
It's not cause I'm sad, or tired, or loose
It's just that sometimes I want to say moose
Or ostrich or lizard or shell shocked or qubit
But if I ever worked 'em in you'd say I'm losin it
So bye now, from little me and shooky
We're off to the bakery for milk and cookies

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
That's a "rap"
Get it?


Get it?