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Song: Unicycle

Surpryzes: Let it Ryde

Album: Surpryzes: Let it Ryde
Track: #5

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Roll up to the supermarket
On my unicycle need to find a place to park it
It's hard to have a one wheeled ride up in this town
That's why I'm wearing this frown
I need to flip it around
But all these people be hating on my onesy
It ain't no funsy
When everybody shuns ye
My only piece of consolation
Is if I get a clown suit I'll have an occupation

What kind of joker rides a half bike
Maybe you're a skater and you misheard half pipe
You must be the guy who got the first question wrong on Millionnaire
See this crew behind me here
We're gonna show you that normal people ain't like you
Fifty three to one, heck it's odds I'd play
But not if I were you
And I'm not you
So what do you say are you gonna give it up
Or do you have an urge to eat that bike too
Is that your final answer?

I bet this whole town would like to chase your wimp-a-dack-a-dizzle outta here

Here we go ... heh heh heh heh

Now everybody be chasing me with pitchforks
What I make that wish for?
The town is in an uproar
And all I wanted was a little understanding
But instead they're reprimanding and their aim is outstanding
I better think of something awfully quick
Because I saw a pointy stick
And I think they're thinking "javelin"
And though my unicycle skills are the bomb
There's no way I can get gone at the speed that I be travelling

No matter what you do you'll find me right behind you
But the speeds you're goin' I don't think you mind do you
I guess it all doesn't matter in the end
Truth be told all this time I just wanted to be your friend

Truce? Buddy? COOL