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Album: The Awakening Of Baz Hennessy

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The Awakening Of Baz Hennessy

Album Title: The Awakening Of Baz Hennessy
Completed: March 6, 2011

This album is the culmination of musical styles that has been brewing in my head for several years, and in a lot of was, a sort of opus.

The concept was to simply take all my favorite musical sounds, and put them together: marching band drums, tribal rhythms, slap bass, overdriven electric lead guitar, banjo, french horns, ocarina (or some flute) and clarinet (or other reedy instruments). All of these instruments were layered on 5-beat phrasing. As the project progressed, I realized it was effectively a new genre, and I decided to call it Baz Hennessy.

If you notice, "Baz Hennessy" has, coincidentally, the same number of letters as "The Universe." From there, I derived the titles of the songs to be symbolic of the evolution of the universe, and in a way, all things. Also, of course, the genre was being born.

Finally, I completed the composition using Sibelius (a music composition software), and mixed them down as well as I could to simulate a live sound. I had to leave out the tribal instruments, because I just don't have a good enough understanding or knowledge of the instruments to make it an effective contribution.

So, the last step is that I am currently looking for an ambitious financier to help me produce the songs (and possibly do some live performances). In this phase, I will attempt to integrate the tribal instruments as well.

Please contact me if you are interested in working on this project! I will only distribute the music via private exchanges (preferably in person). As far as production, I would like to be studio/stage ready by Fall 2012.

Track List:

  1. Perception The Creator
  2. Deceleration From Stasis
  3. The Extraction
  4. A Memory Absolved
  5. Direct Evidence
  6. An Unexpected Rebuttal
  7. Harmonic Fragmentation