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Album: The Threshold Of Omniscience

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The Threshold Of Omniscience

Album Title: The Threshold Of Omniscience
Completed: January 8, 2010

This album came about as a mutual challenge between Phil Taylor and I. We decided in October 2009 that we needed to each write and record a new album before the first of January 2010. I knew I wouldn't have time for studio production, but I hit the challenge of the writing, and I recorded all the songs acoustically as a podcast. Polished recordings are likely to arise sporadically in the future, but to me the songs really speak for themselves. They are some of my best to date, and they are certainly the best batch of songs written so closely together.

Track List:

  1. The Teacher
  2. Can't Say
  3. The Fortune Of Fallacy
  4. Listen! The Way Home
  5. Listen! The Thirst
  6. The Walls
  7. The Restless Folk
  8. The Mirror
  9. The Things I Say
  10. Stand By