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Song: Can't Say

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If all the pain of disenchantment
Would stop this side of hate
The prophecy of calm would see
Disdain disintegrate

Someone might fall away down into
The lucky part of fate
That strange extreme that can't be called
Euphoric or irate

Would it save this world? Can't say.
I wouldn't even call it a better way

I wonder what communication
Tends to motivate
Questions to the answers come
From vigorous debate

And quiet acceptance of the things
We can't explain
Just turns us into useless drones
That justify no case

Is this quest in honor? Can't say.
But I can accept no other way

Take a look at the world around
As you take your turn to wait
You know what happens once you're gone?
Your sight evaporates

You think you might have time
To recapitulate
But glory in the strictest sense
Is opposite of fate

Is there peace to find? Can't say.
Just live your life some way